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parapara_claims's Journal

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Welcome to ParaPara Claims! Here you can claim your favorite anything related to ParaPara. It can be anything like a dance, song, paralist, eurobeat artists, etc! *EDIT* Now this is not limited to just eurobeat! You may now claim anything related to Hyper Techno/Techpara or Trapara!

What You Can Claim: Paralists/Teams, Songs/Dances, Eurobeat Labels, Artists/Groups (Including J-Euro), Videos, Clubs, Albums, Events, etc. Not sure if you're claim is valid? Ask me and I'll answer yes or no :)

+ Only 5 claims per 2 weeks. It'll make sure people don't claim too often and give other people a chance!
+ If someone claims an artists real name, someone else can claim their aliases. As an example, you can get Giancarlo Pasquini and someone else can get Dave Rodgers or The Big Brother, etc.
+ If someone claims just a song, you may claim the dance or album if possible.
+ Don't claim something that was already claimed.
+ If someone claimed something you wanted and if you talk and both agree to 50% claiming, then it is valid.
+ If something gets unclaimed, someone else will be able to get it.
+ List what you have claimed in your LJ User Info.
+ Be nice!
+ I think that's it, get started!

Claims: Last Update: 9/30/05

9LoveJ - jimmathon

ABeatC Record Label - nine3001
Ace of SCP - ebtb
Ace - Play The Music - kuragarigenso
Ace Warrior - Fame - khaki_29uk
An of 9LoveJ - gcmoffmoorex
Annalise of ABeatC - shawaazu
Annalise - Bad Love - shawaazu
Annalise - New Love - shawaazu
Annalise - O.K.! All Right! - shawaazu
Annalise - With All Your Heart - nine3001
Annerly Gordon (Former Lolita) of ABeatC - nine3001
Alessandra Mirka Gatti of ABeatC - nine3001
Alexis of Time Records - mahoumikekun
Alice in ParaPara Land - ParaPara Hi-Dee (Song) - chicolontana
Ayu-ro Mix (Cd Series) - hiromaru

Baby Bazooka of Hi-NRG Attack - jimmathon
Baby Gold - Traffic In My Bed - kuragarigenso
Bazooka Boom (CD) - chicolontana
Bazooka Girl - velfarre2000 - jpop_princess
Big B of Hong Kong Para Club - hiromaru
Boom Boom Beat (Label) - shawaazu

Carlo Magnani of Delta - krazy_che3to
Cherry of Delta - ebtb
Clara Moroni of Delta - nine3001
Claudia VIP of Hi-NRG Attack - hotarutenshi

D.Essex of ABeatC/Delta - eurobeatqueen
D.Essex - Master Power - khaki_29uk
Dancemania Happy Paradise (CD Series) - shawaazu
Dancemania SuperClassics (CD Series) - shawaazu
Dave & Domino of ABeatC - mneumonic
Dave Rodgers of ABeatC - hiromaru
Dave Rodgers - Space Invader (Song/Dance) gcmoffmoorex
Dave Rodgers - Stay The Night (from PPP1) - mneumonic
Dave Rodgers - The Alfee Meets Dance (Album) - nine3001
De La Vega - Sex on Fire (Song/Dance) - gcmoffmoorex
DJ Hide of TWINSTAR - gcmoffmoorex
DJ Yosshi of 9LoveJ - jimmathon
Dr. Love of Delta - hotarutenshi
Dolly Pop of Hi-NRG Attack - hotarutenshi
Domino of ABeatC - nine3001
Domino - Domino (Album) - nine3001
Domino - Gotcha! (both Japanese and English versions) - nine3001
Domino - Hey Mr. Deejay (Velfarre Dance) - nine3001
Domino - I Wanna Dance - jpop_princess
Domino - Mickey Mouse March (CD Single) - nine3001
Domino - Popteen (CD Single) - nine3001
Domino - Tora Tora Tora (Album) - nine3001
Dusty of SCP/Double - mahoumikekun
Dusty - Solid Gold - bedackles

Elena Ferretti - khaki_29uk
Elena Gobbi of ABeatC - nine3001
Elisa - Love Shine A Light (song/dance) - mahoumikekun
Energy Revolution (Label) - shawaazu
Eurobeat (Genre) - jimmathon
Eurobeat Disney (CD Series) - shawaazu
Euromach of Cutting Edge/Avex Trax(Series) - khaki_29uk

Fabio Lione (J.Storm) of ABeatC - khaki_29uk
Fastway of SCP/Double - hotarutenshi
Fastway - Big Brother - hotarutenshi
Fastway - 777 - hotarutenshi
Francesca Contini of ABeatC - khaki_29uk
Folder 5 of avex trax (Group) - khaki_29uk
Franz Tornado of Hi-NRG Attack - hiromaru
Franz "V.I.P" Tornado and Bazooka "T.C.V" Girl of Hi-NRG Attack - hiromaru
Franz Tornado - Bazooka Pistolero (dance) - bedackles
Franz Tornado and the Yamanba-Gals - Ganguro - nuiko

Gianni Coraini - krazy_che3to
Gino Carina of ABeatC and Vibration - krazy_che3to
Go Go Girls of ABeatC - eurobeatqueen
Go Go Girls - Cyber Dance (song) - mneumonic
Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana - kuragarigenso

Happy Friday Series from 9LoveJ - jimmathon
Happy Paradise (Video) - hiromaru
Helena of Time Records - mahoumikekun
Hi-NRG Attack (Label) - krazy_che3to
Hong Kong Para Club (HKPC) - hiromaru
Hustle Spider of STAR FIRE - gcmoffmoorex

Initial D of avex (Series) - khaki_29uk
Inocchi of T-RREX - gcmoffmoorex

J-Euro (Genre) - hotarutenshi
J's paraparajewb0i - gcmoffmoorex
J.Storm - Rock The Universe - khaki_29uk
J.Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock - khaki_29uk
Juliet of ABeatC - nine3001

Kahori Fujiwara of ParaPa! Love and SEF ALLSTARS - gcmoffmoorex
Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy - kuragarigenso
Key-A-Kiss of Avex - miss_lon
Key-A-Kiss - Aishiattemasu? - jpop_princess
Key-A-Kiss - Delux (Eurobeat Mix) - jpop_princess
Key-A-Kiss Panic - Watashi no Kare wa Sekiyuou - mneumonic
Kiki & Kika of SCP/Double - hotarutenshi
Kiki & Kika - Snake Dance (Song & Dance) - hotarutenshi
King & Queen of ABeatC - eurobeatqueen

Leslie Parrish of Delta - nine3001
Leslie Parrish - Remember Me - scarlet_bliss
Lolita of ABeatC - ummeiko
Lolita - Carillion - shawaazu
Lolita - Everybody Dance - miss_lon
Lolita - Pretty Woman - shawaazu
Lolita - Romeo & Juliet - nuiko
Lolita - Think Of You - khaki_29uk
Lolita - Try Me (Album) - shawaazu
Lupin - Black Cat (Song/Dance) - gcmoffmoorex

Mad Cow of Hi-NRG Attack - chicolontana
Mad Cow - Discow Moscow - miss_lon
Madison - You Can Light My Fire - scarlet_bliss
Maharaja Night HI-NRG Revolution (CD Series) - shawaazu
Maki Koyata of ParaPara Allstars - igyouhime & ummeiko
Mako of Delta - hotarutenshi
Manuel of ABeatC - jimmathon
Manuel - Let's Go, Come On - shawaazu
Mara Nell - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Girl - khaki_29uk
Mark Farina of Asia Records/Boom Boom Beat - jimmathon
Marko Polo of Delta - eurobeatqueen
Marlene - Call Girl - shawaazu
Matt Land of ABeatC - jimmathon
Matteo Setti of ABeatC - litajup657
Maurizio Di Lorio of Delta - khaki_29uk
Mega NRG Man of ABeatC - eurobeatqueen
Mega NRG Man - Burning Desire - scarlet_bliss
Mi~tan of 9LoveJ and Gazen ParaPara!! - gcmoffmoorex
Miho Kawara of ParaPara Allstars - gcmoffmoorex
Mika Yokobe of ParaPa! Love - bedackles
Mirka of ABeatC - nine3001
Miyuki of ParaPara Panic! and 9LoveJ - gcmoffmoorex

Nando - Black Or White (Song/Dance) - gcmoffmoorex
Naoki of Konami/Bemani - hotarutenshi
Naoki with Y&Co. - Can't Stop Fallin' In Love-super euro version- - scarlet_bliss
Niko of Delta - hotarutenshi
Niko - Night Of Fire - miss_lon
Niko - Speedway - nuiko
Nuage of ABeatC - ebtb


Pamsy - Dancin' Alone (dance) - mneumonic
Panu panua, webmaster of Eurobeat Prime - nine3001
ParaPa! Love (whole group) - ebtb
ParaPara (Manga) - hiromaru
ParaPara Allstars (whole group) - hotarutenshi
ParaPara Max (CD Series) - mahoumikekun
ParaPara Paradise PS2 Game - hiromaru
ParaPara Paradise 2nd Mix Arcade Machine - ummeiko
ParaPara Paradise 2 (Video) - bedackles
ParaPara Paradise 4 (Video) - mneumonic
ParaPara Paradise 5 (Video) - hotarutenshi
ParaPara Paradise 7 (Video) - miss_lon
ParaPara Paradise presents Gotcha! (Video) - nine3001
Passion of Avex Trax/GTC 2000~2001 - gcmoffmoorex
Paula Roberts of ABeatC - nine3001
Pizza Girl - Crazy For You - scarlet_bliss
Priscilla of Delta - hiromaru
Priscilla - Hello Goodbye - mneumonic

Queen Of Times of Time Records - mahoumikekun

Rena "Miss Rena-hime" Oikawa of SEF ALLSTARS - gcmoffmoorex
Richie Watanabe of ParaPara Allstars and Twinstar - paraparajewb0i
Rie of 9LoveJ - paraparajewb0i
Roxanne of ABeatC - shawaazu
Ryoko Odakura of ParaPara Allstars - krazy_che3to

Satoko Yamazaki of ParaPara Allstars and Velfarre - paraparajewb0i
Satomi of STAR FIRE (former 9LoveJ EXE) - paraparajewb0i
SAY NO TO NUAGE CLUB! - gcmoffmoorex/nine3001
SEF MACH! vs Super Rave of Avex Trax/Velfarre (Album) - gcmoffmoorex
Shintaro of T-RREX - gcmoffmoorex
Smelly of ParaPara Panic! and Twinstar - jimmathon
Sophie of Time Records - mahoumikekun
Starfire - paraparajewb0i
Supermaio by Atrium and Angie Davies (Twinstar) - jimmathon
Super Eurobeat (CD Series) - mneumonic

Tam Arrow - Hyper Bazooka Revolution (Song) - chicolontana
T-RREX of STAR FIRE - gcmoffmoorex
The Early Days of SEB (CD Series) - shawaazu
Tiger Yamamoto - Hold On Me - jpop_princess
Time Records (Label) - mahoumikekun
Thomas Martin of ABeatC - khaki_29uk
Tomomi Kudo of ParaPara Allstars - krazy_che3to
Tri-Star - Ike Ike - igyouhime & ummeiko
Twinstar - krazy_che3to

none yet

Vanilla of SCP - hotarutenshi
Vanilla - Around The Universe - bedackles
Vanilla - Around The Universe (Dance) - hotarutenshi
Valentina of ABeatC - nine3001
Velfarre - krazy_che3to
Velfarre CyberDNA (Cyber Trance) Performances - hiromaru
Vibration (Record Label) - shawaazu
Vicky coachvee - nine3001
Vicky Vale - Shibuya Girl - krazy_che3to
Victoria of Time Records - mahoumikekun
Virginelle of ABeatC - shawaazu
Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion (Album) - shawaazu
Virginelle - Lucky Tango - nuiko
vivace of Avex Trax/JGTC 2004 - gcmoffmoorex
Volta & Gabbana of Hi-NRG Attack - hotarutenshi
Volta & Gabbana - ParaPara Allstars (Song & Dance) - hotarutenshi

wi☆th of Avex Trax/JGTC 2002 - gcmoffmoorex

none yet

Yoko Ishida of Pioneer - hotarutenshi
Yoko Ishida - Let Me Be With You (song/dance) - mahoumikekun

none yet

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